Product List

Oysters Opened
Oysters Closed
Cooked Crayfish
Cooked Crabs
Cooked Lge Prawns
Cooked Ex Lge Prawns
Cooked Med Prawns 
Large Cooked & Peeled Prawns 
Local Uncooked Peeled Prawns
Large Bug Tails
Smoked Prawns

Boarfish (When Available)
Blue Eye Trevalla
Mulloway Fillets (Butterfish)
Atlantic Salmon
Flathead Fillets 
Garfish Fillets
Red Snapper Fillets (Nannagai)
Snook Fillets 
Local Barramundi Fillets 
Imported Barramundi Fillets
N.Z Half Shell Mussels 

Crumbed Prawns
Crumbed Garfish
Crumbed Hake 
Crumbed Basa 
Crumbed Silver Whiting
Crumbed Squid Rings
Salt & Pepper Squid Strips
Crumbed Squid Steaks
Coconut Crumbed Prawns
Crumbed Flathead Fillets

Pickled Octopus
Sweet Chilli Squid
Sweet Chilli Prawns 
Sweet Chilli Mussels
Pickled Scallops
Pickled Crabmeat 

Wakame Seaweed Salad
Marinated Smoked Prawns
Marinated Smoked Scallops   
Smoked Tommies
Smoked Rainbow Trout 
Smoked Atlantic Salmon
Smoked Tuna 
Smoked Barramundi
Smoked Danish Mackerel
Smoked Ocean Trout

Smoked Snook
Smoked Cod

Tempura Prawns
Battered Flathead Fillets

Scallop Meat
Marinara Mix 
Mussel Meat
Seafood Salad Mix
Seafood Sticks
Fish Cakes
Snapper Cutlets
Whole Flounder
Whole Cleaned Baby Squid 
Fresh Black Mussels 
Swordfish Steaks 
Tuna Steaks 
King George Whiting 
Silver Whiting
Atlantic Salmon & Local Prawn
 Fish Cakes Home Made
Seafood Snack Packs

Garlic Prawn Pies
Surf & Turf Pies
Sweet Chilli Squid Pies
Curried Scallop Pies
Please note we do not include prices on our website as they do change from day to day depending on market price and other variables. Please phone or e-mail our friendly staff if you require pricing and further information on our extensive product range.