Spencer Gulf Prawn Prices

Extra Large Cooked Prawns

$41.99kg Or $200.00 Per 5kg Ctn

Large Cooked Prawns
$33.99kg Or $160.00 Per 5kg Ctn

Medium Cooked Prawn
$30.99Kg Or $145.00 Per 5kg Ctn

Un-cooked Second Prawns

$24.00Kg OR $110.00 Per 5kg Ctn


Local Cooked & Peeled Prawn Meat

$8.50 / 100gms Or

$21.00 / 250gm Pkt Or

$40.50 / 500gm Pkt

Local Un-cooked & Peeled Prawn Meat

$6.00 / 100gms Or

$18.00 / 300gm Pkt Or

$30.00 / 500gm Pkt

Please Note:

The Importation of Raw Prawns has been suspended for at least 6 months following an outbreak of white spot disease. It is the first time this disease which kills prawns but is harmless to human consumption was found in Australia. This will create a greater demand for the prawns that aren’t affected by the disease such as our local Spencer Gulf Prawns resulting in a price rise which is currently unknown. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and we will keep you informed as much as we possibly can.